Used CNC lathes

We offer a wide range of used CNC lathes, CNC lathe milling centers and cycle lathes. Rotating bodies can be produced on a CNC lathe. More complex shapes are conical or spherical surfaces or free shapes, which can deviate from the rotational symmetry by means of additional equipment.

Buy second-hand CNC lathes

Discover our extensive product range of second-hand machine tools with certified quality - from CNC lathes and milling machines to surface grinding machines. All machines are expertly tested by technicians. In our 4000 m² warehouse we have about 200 second-hand machines in stock for you to buy. These include used milling and grinding machines as well as used lathes. Below you will find our range of CNC lathes from the companies Gildemeister, Mazak, Weiler and many more. For more detailed technical data and photos please click on "further information". Background knowledge: CNC lathe The CNC lathe is a lathe with Computerized Numerical Control (CNC). With an NC machine (Numerical Control), the control information is read blockwise from a punched tape or other external information carrier with each machining operation. The CNC machine, on the other hand, offers the ability to read machining information into the memory of the controller. Furthermore, it is possible to import and program CAD drawings directly. This information can be used again and again for processing and stored without further information input. All target specifications of the control system are communicated in numeric form and are continuously compared with each other by means of control devices in the working process - resulting in the designation "numeric". These control devices include the position of the tool, the speed of its clamping movements and the rotational speed.

CNC lathes: technology

When working with CNC machines, it is necessary to set up the corresponding CNC program before machining. There are several ways to do this. On the one hand, the program can be created directly on the machine, which is called workshop programming. On the other hand, it is possible to program the CNC machine using data carriers such as USB sticks, CDs, or floppy disks or via the use of laptops. The third way to program a CNC machine is through a special network (DNC). In general, CNC machines are programmed according to the DIN 66025 scheme, taking into account the manufacturer's specifications. In the program, a so-called technology line must be created in which details on the tool number, spindle speed and direction of rotation of the spindle can be called up. To simplify the programs, manufacturer-dependent auxiliary parameters are integrated into the CNC programs in the form of length, angle and other additional functions. For an uncomplicated and economical process, the programs of CNC machines should be kept as clear as possible.

Certified second-hand machines

In our second-hand machine shop we offer you not only used lathes, but also various other second-hand machine tools. You can also sell us your used machines. We guarantee you a detailed inspection, fair prices and a professional service by our staff: from professional disassembly to proper transport of the machine from your location to our premises. Our company has been in business for over 60 years and places great value on trust and information between the customer and us. We are also a member of the German Association for Used Machinery (FDM – Fachverband für Gebrauchtmaschinen) and the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM). If you are interested in second-hand CNC machines and other pre-owned machines or would like to sell them, please contact us. We are your professional second-hand machine dealership and will be happy to assist you.