Sawing machines in the used machines trade

Discover our range of used sawing machines below. This group of machines includes band saws and circular saws. A saw consists of a thin steel plate or a round saw blade with chisel-like teeth at the edge. The sawing tool penetrates into the solid by means of force movement, whereby a narrow groove is incorporated and a separation joint is created. As a used machine trade specialist, we also offer a wide range of used machine tools.

Used sawing machines: band saws

The bandsaws are a special machine tool with a band saw blade. This is placed around a motor-driven roller and clamped to form a closed ring. This allows a straight cut. As a rule, the band saw blade is guided over two wheels to allow an uninterrupted, continuous cut. Among other things, band saws are used for sawing wood, metal, plastic and cellular concrete.

Stationary circular saws for workshops

The circular saw is used for the cutting separation of workpieces. Stationary circular saws are used in workshops and on construction sites. The heart of the circular saw is the circular saw blade. A distinction is made between one-piece circular saw blades and composite circular saw blades. The type of saw blade used depends, among other things, on the tooth shape and the number of teeth. The circular saw is driven by V-belts, toothed or flat belts and corresponding belt pulleys. Different speeds and cutting speeds can be achieved in conjunction with pole-changing three-phase motors.

GSH: Your expert in used machinery trade

Gustav Schönberger specializes in the trade of second-hand machines and has more than 60 years of experience in this segment. In addition to used saws, the internationally operating machine dealer offers a comprehensive range of machine tools in its 4000 m² warehouse.