Full-service second-hand machinery: Purchase, transport and more

We buy your “old ones”.

Generally, we are always looking for well-kept second-hand machines. Should you, due to production restructuring, new acquisitions or relinquishment of a business, own redundant machines, we would be happy to submit a take-over offer to you.
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If you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask us!

If financing your purchase by a leasing arrangement is of interest to you, we will happily ask one of our leasing partners to draw up an offer for you. The advantages are clear:
-Moderate monthly leasing
-No further credit with the bank

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you are interested in it!


We can also gladly take care of the professional disassembly of the machine in your plant. For this purpose, we have engineers and technicians who can professionally tackle any challenging disassembly.

Our disassembly teams mostly work independently. This means, that after a first inspection, we clarify the necessary tools for the disassembly in the run-up (e.g. handling devices, special hooks, load stands, cables, transport rollers, under-carriages, etc.). Afterwards, the disassembly takes place smoothly whereby your ongoing production is disturbed as little as possible. The planning at this juncture lies directly in our hands. The advantages include no delays for crane appointments or removals of the machines.

We would be pleased to arrange the transportation of your machine. Our experienced personnel schedule the pick-up and removal of the machine and its accessories precisely on time. Therefore, we can fall back on our longtime partners in the cargo industry who carry out specialised transports on a daily basis.

There will be no problem if a crane or forklift is not available in the workshop. In these cases, we will call in an external crane truck, which safely lifts the machine being transported onto the lorry.

Transportation insurance

If you wish, we can organise transportation insurance for the respective machine. In case we are delivering the machine free to the door, the delivery is covered by a transportation insurance as standard.

The following has to be respected: the transportation insurance is covering the delivery from door to door, which means that the unloading at your plant is also insured.
You should not economise on this cost item. Feel free to ask us, we will gladly advise you.