Used plate shears

Our used plate shears are listed below. This group of machines includes both mechanical and hydraulic plate shears. Plate shears are used to cut sheet metal parts to size. The sheet metal is sheared straight between a movable and a fixed knife. For more detailed technical data and photos of a plate shear please click on “more information”.

Background knowledge: plate shears

Plate shears enable long and straight cuts. Cutting lengths ranging from two to 15 metres and material thicknesses between a fraction of a millimetre and 200 mm are possible. The workpiece is clamped on a table while the lower knife is mounted level with it. The upper knife either moves straight down or is guided on a circular path. There is a cutting gap between the upper and lower blades. Plate shears have a clamp that locks the workpiece – to prevent slipping. The hold-down device is driven either manually or mechanically or hydraulically or pneumatically. Some guillotine shears have a motorized adjustable stop. Motor-driven plate shears often have a flywheel mass for keeping the motor power at a minimum.

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