Miscellaneous used machines

Discover our range of miscellaneous used machines. This group of machines includes planing machines, erosion machines and various miscellaneous grinding machines like gear, drill and tool grinding machines. These are used for the fine machining of various workpieces. At Gustav Schönberger you will find a wide range of second-hand machine tools of certified quality. We regularly update our stock on a regular basis.

Used machine tools: planing machines

The planing machine is used for wood and metal machining. In metal processing, flat or curved surfaces are created by planing. The planing chisel is used as a tool for this purpose. The straight-line cutting movement is carried out by the workpiece itself - in contrast to the butt joint method, in which the tool makes the movement.

Erosion machines

The erosion machine or radio eroding machine is a removing machine tool that processes workpieces made of electrically conductive materials. The tool - the electrode - of the machine consists of a material with high electrical conductivity. During the manufacturing process, an electrical voltage is generated between tool and workpiece. The components of the workpiece which are to be removed are removed by evaporation or flaking. The remaining components are washed away by a non-conductive liquid.

Used tool grinding machines

Tool grinding machines are operated manually or CNC-controlled and used to sharpen workpieces such as milling tools, drills and turning tools or to create a defined cutting geometry. This is a machining process for the production of abrasives and surfaces. The design of the tool grinding machines is similar to surface grinding machines: As a rule, they have four axes - modular machines have eight axes.

Special grinding machine: the gear grinding machine

The gear grinding machine is a special grinding machine for the construction of machine tools and motor vehicles. The machine enables precise regrinding of the tooth flanks of gear wheels. As high-speed wheels have to be precisely toothed and their teeth hardened, grinding is necessary after hardening. A distinction is made between the rolling process with a simple grinding wheel and the cutting process in which the wheel has the exact shape of the tooth flanks.

Specialist for used machine tools

If you are looking for pre-owned machines such as planing or eroding machines or special grinding machines with guaranteed functionality, Gustav Schönberger is the right partner for you. We are specialized in used machine trade and offer you a comprehensive selection of used machine tools. Every machine is thoroughly inspected and maintained.