Used conventional milling machines

Discover a diverse range of second-hand conventional milling machines. Our selection includes universal tool milling machines as well as bed milling machines. As a specialist in the used machine trade, we stock first-class used milling machines, all of which are thoroughly checked for functionality by technicians. In our 4000 m² warehouse we have more than 200 pre-owned machine tools at our disposal, which we can show and demonstrate on site.

Second-hand milling machines from different brands

We are a global used machine trade specialist with a network of worldwide partners. This allows us to maintain a constantly updated stock of second-hand machines in certified quality. These include machine tools from versatile manufacturers such as Hermle, Gildemeister and Deckel-Maho. Below you will find our range of second-hand conventional milling machines. For technical specifications, click on "more information". If you have any questions, please feel free to use the enquiry form underneath each machine.

Background knowledge: conventional milling machines

Conventional milling machines are cutting machine tools. Rotating cutting tools remove the material of a workpiece by cutting and thereby shaping it. Compared to drilling, three or more feed directions can be used to produce complex spatial bodies, such as gears or motor blocks. At least three movement axes are assigned to a tool or workpiece carrier. Conventional milling machines have no control - the axes are operated exclusively by means of handwheels or an automatic feed. In principle, milling machines consist of a frame and a machine stand – often as a unit –, a machine table or bed, as well as a milling head. The frame and the machine stand form the lowest assembly. Depending on the size of the workpiece, it is machined on a machine table or bed. The main spindle is located in the milling head. Conventional milling machines usually have a vertical working spindle with quill and taper take-up. The types of milling spindles can be defined in different ways, depending on their design and intended use, spindle position or type of control system.

Milling machines and more: Buy used machine tools

The purchase of a new conventional or CNC milling machine is very cost-intensive and often represents a financial burden for companies. Large companies can generally justify the investment with higher cycle times, whereas small and medium-sized companies can use second-hand machines as a cost-effective alternative. With our used conventional and CNC milling machines you can combine savings advantages and quality. Used milling machines are working for up to 30 years with good care. For this reason, the machines are still frequently used even when pre-owned.

Second-hand machine trade expert with many years of experience

For more than 60 years we have been active in the machine trade and have specialised in pre-owned machines. Furthermore, we are a full member of the German Association of Used Machinery Manufacturers FDM and the European Association of Used Machinery Manufacturers EAMTM and have high quality standards. Professional technicians maintain and inspect all machines on a regular basis to ensure their full functionality. In addition to conventional milling machines, we also offer used CNC milling machines, as well as lathes, gear cutting machines and many other machine tools. You can also find the right accessories for milling machines, such as dividers for optimum workpiece machining. Are you looking for used conventional or CNC milling machines in certified quality or would you like to buy used machines? Then please contact us. We are looking forward to assisting you with our expertise and many years of experience.