Drilling machines: Buying second-hand machines

Below you will find our range of drilling machines. This group of machines includes column drilling machines, radial drilling machines and high-speed radial drilling machines. Drilling machines can be used to drill holes in various materials. If you want to buy used machine tools in top quality, you will find it here. All used drilling machines are thoroughly checked by technicians for functionality.

Used drilling machines: the radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machines are primarily used for the machining of medium-sized and heavy workpieces. Therefore, the machines are often permanently installed. The radial drilling machine is composed of the following components: Base plate, column and boom. The tools are picked up via a morse taper or drill chuck. The workpiece is clamped firmly, and the movement is carried out exclusively by the machine. There are different versions among radial drilling machines: On the one hand, the drilling spindle can be mounted on a drilling slide and on the other hand directly on the boom. There are also types for wall mounting. In modern radial drilling machines, on the other hand, there is an NC or CNC control which can be used to program the drilling pattern.

Buy additional second-hand machines

In addition to used drilling machines you can buy many other second-hand machines from us. With over 60 years of experience in the machine trade, we specialize in pre-owned machine tools. In our over 4000 m² warehouse we present a wide range of used machines. Our competent technicians maintain and check the machines continuously. If you would like to buy used machine tools or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service to provide advice and assistance.