Used CNC milling machines

We have a first-class selection of pre-owned CNC milling machines, from the vertical milling machine to the universal bed milling machine. With over 60 years of experience in the trade of second-hand machines, we only offer you used CNC milling machines with certified quality. This gives you fully functional machines at an affordable price compared to an expensive new acquisition.

Used CNC milling machines of various manufacturers

Discover a wide range of used CNC milling machines from different manufacturers, such as Deckel-Maho, Hermle or Mikron. Our stock is constantly updated. Below you will find our current offer - please click on "further information" for technical details and photos. The exact dimensions, weight, speed range and specifications of the respective machine are listed here. If you have any questions, please use the enquiry form below.

Background knowledge: CNC milling machine

A milling machine is a machine tool for machining metals or plastics. At least three feed directions are available for milling, which means that even complex spatial bodies can be produced. Complex contours and parts can be produced on milling machines, but also simple operations such as drilling or reaming of precise holes are possible. A CNC milling machine uses a computer numerical control. It is able to produce workpieces with higher speed and precision than mechanically controlled machines. Due to their automated operation, constant support by one person is often no longer necessary. In serial production, often only a few people are employed on a machine.

Different milling machines - construction and types

The general structure of a milling machine consists of several parts: Frame and machine stand, machine table or bed as well as milling head with main spindle and feed. The frame is the lowest assembly and, in most cases, forms a unit with the machine stand. Normal workpieces are clamped on a flexible machine table for machining, while large and heavy workpieces are machined on a machine bed that lies in any position and thus does not cause tilting moments. The main spindle is located in the milling head - with CNC milling machines, the milling heads have hydraulic tool clamping systems for automatic tool change. The feed is generated by the main drive or - in the case of CNC milling machines - servomotors. Milling machines can be subdivided in different ways: by design and purpose, by the position of the milling spindle and by control mode. In terms of design and intended use, a distinction is made between bed milling machines, console milling machines and special milling machines. For example, with a bed milling machine, the machine bed is fully loaded in every position so that it is suitable for bulky workpieces. A console milling machine, on the other hand, has a machine table that can be moved in different directions - suitable for small to medium-sized workpieces. With regard to the position of the milling spindle, a distinction is made between horizontal and vertical milling machines. Depending on the type of control, a division is made between mechanically and numerically controlled milling machines.

Buying first-class second-hand machines

If you want to buy used machines, we are the right supplier for you. As a full member of the German Association of Used Machinery Manufacturers FDM and the European Association of Used Machinery Manufacturers EAMTM, we hold high standards to our used machines and to ourselves. We only offer our machines in certified quality, whether used CNC milling machines, lathes or surface grinding machines. This is the responsibility of our technicians, who test each machine thoroughly under live operation and guarantee faultless functionality.

Our used machine trade service

It is also possible to buy our used machine tools via leasing. This means that you do not have to take out an additional loan with your house bank and you always have an overview of the monthly leasing rates. Our leasing partner will be happy to make you an offer. Another advantage of our service is a transport insurance, which we can offer upon request. When delivering a machine free of charge, transport insurance is included. This applies from door to door, including unloading. If you are interested in high-quality second-hand CNC milling machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. As an experienced used machine trade specialist, we are happy to advise you.