Used surface grinding Machines

Surface grinding machines are used for working flat surfaces. They are characterized by high accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece. This group of machines in our product range includes both conventional as well as controlled second-hand surface grinding machines.

Second-hand surface grinding machines from the expert

We are experts in used machinery and offer a wide range of second-hand machine tools, all of which are thoroughly tested by technicians. In addition to used surface grinding machines, we also offer cylindrical grinding machines as well as gear wheel, drill and tool grinding machines. The machines in this machine group are suitable for the fine machining of workpieces. Our stock is regularly updated so that you can buy used quality machine tools of your choice. Below you will find an overview of used surface grinding machines in our offer. The machines were developed by Blohm, Elb, Aba, Jung and many other well-known companies. For technical details and photos please click on "more information". If you have any further questions, please use the contact form and let us advise you!

Background knowledge: Grinding machines

Originally, grinding machines were tools driven by hand or foot to remove coatings on surfaces or smooth them down. Over time, the machines were driven by steam. Nowadays they are mainly operated with electrical energy or pneumatically. Depending on the material and hardness, such as metal, wood or plastic, they consist of different carriers and abrasives. In the case of surface grinding machines, a distinction can be made between end and peripheral grinding machines. In the former, the workpieces are ground with the face of the grinding wheel, in the latter with the circumference of the grinding wheel. Depending on the application, there are machines with stretching or rotary table. The workpieces are clamped with magnetic clamping tables or T-bolts. Areas of application for the machines include cutting tool and fixture construction as well as mould and general mechanical engineering.

Tips for buying pre-owned grinding machines

On surface grinding machines, the contact length is so small that the chip chambers of the grinding wheel are not pressed with full force. As a result, they are cleaned by centrifugal force during the grinding process and the pressure of the cooling lubricant. When using surface grinders, the diameter and width of the grinding wheel should be kept as large as possible. As a result, many abrasive grains are involved in the machining process. At best, the disc is just as wide or slightly wider than the surface to be ground. The transverse feed rate of the machine should be between 25 and 80 percent of the grinding wheel width. This is to prevent excessive edge wear and high local heating, as a suitable transverse feed ensures that all grains are involved in the grinding work.

Second-hand machine trade with purchase and sale

For over 60 years we at GSH have been active in the machine trade. Our area of expertise includes machines for cutting and non-cutting forming. As an international trading company with our worldwide network of partners, we are your special business partner for buying well-preserved second-hand machines. All our machines have been thoroughly examined and tested for error-free operation. For you to avoid having to wait long for your machine, we have about 200 machines in stock in our 4000 m² warehouse. Even heavier machines can be lifted and properly secured at any time using our two cranes. We also offer you the opportunity to sell us your used machines. As an experienced second-hand machine trade expert, we take care of dismantling and pick-up of the machines. We will make you a fair offer, be it for used surface grinding machines, milling machines or other used machines. Get in touch with us!