Used mechanical presses

Mechanical presses are used for shaping workpieces with compression force in terms of shape, consistency and internal structure, removing admixtures or joining different layers. Gustav Schönberger specializes in the sale of used machinery and offers second-hand mechanical presses that have been thoroughly examined. Our stock is continuously kept up to date.

Used mechanical presses: eccentric presses

Eccentric presses are mechanically driven and offset presses. They are used for cutting, punching and embossing and bending operations with small press paths. A distinction is made between single-column, double-column and twin-column presses. Furthermore, there is a difference between presses with a fixed stroke and those with a flexible stroke. The latter can be adjusted by using two adjustable eccentrics.

Background knowledge: Pressing process for eccentric presses

The pressing process starts with the electric motor, which drives the flywheel by means of a belt drive. The flywheel transmits the movement to the clutch bell via a small and large gear wheel. The bell pushes against the clutch plate, which takes up the gear wheel movement. At the same time, a brake presses against the springs by means of piston rings and is thus released. On the eccentric bearing there are connecting rods which press on the ram. Compensating cylinders sit on the press, which help the ram drive up. Finally, the brake is closed again with a delay.

Buy second-hand machine tools of certified quality

At Gustav Schönberger you can buy pre-owned mechanical presses in top quality as well as other used machine tools. As a specialist in the used machine trade, we offer a large selection of second-hand machines. All machines are regularly inspected and maintained by our technicians. If you are interested in used mechanical presses, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to advise you.

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