Miscellaneous used sheet metal working machines

Discover our range of miscellaneous used sheet metal working machines. In this machine group you will find roll bending machines, punching machines and nibbling machines. Sheet metal working machines are sometimes used to carry out prepared work by bending and cutting and sometimes to produce finished objects. For more detailed technical data and photos of miscellaneous sheet metal working machines please click on “further information”.

Used sheet metal working machines: roll bending machines

Roll bending machines are mainly found in forming technology. They bend sheets, profiles and tubes in circular form, circular segments, random contours and straight sections. Two machine types have established themselves - the 3- and 4-roll bending machines. In the 4-roll bending machine, the sheet metal is always clamped between top and bottom roll during the bending process, as well as during bending of both sheet ends. The drive of the bending rollers enables optimum sheet transport during the bending process.

Manual and CNC punching machines

With manual punching machines, workpieces are inserted manually. Based on simple mechanical principles, the punching force is generated via a cylinder by means of levers or hydraulically. CNC punching machines are often used for small to medium series production. These usually have linear tool carriers and quick-action tools. After programming the workpiece, it is machined fully automatically. The CNC axis always moves the cylinder exactly over the tool, thus reducing bearing and tool wear. Do you have further questions about our used sheet metal working machines or would you like to buy used machines? Then send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are at your service to provide advice and assistance.