Used gear cutting machines

Discover our range of used gear cutting machines. In this group of machines, you will find, among others, hobbing machines. These machines are used for gear production and machining. Our stock is regularly updated.

Used gear cutting machines: the hobbing machine

Hobbing machines are used for gear cutting and finishing of gears. They generate all the numbers of teeth and profile shifts as well as any helix angles. The machine consists of a single or multi-flight screw with flutes. The result is a worm gear with the corresponding workpiece. The turning of the cutter results in a cutting movement. In addition, the corrugator moves along the workpiece axis and thus creates the tooth gaps. Hobbing machines offer many advantages, including versatility regarding tooth shapes and wedge profiles, the possibility of any helix angle and toothing width as well as simple tool setting on the machine.

Other used machine tools at GSH

In addition to used gear cutting machines, we also sell many other used machine tools. As an international machine dealer with over 60 years of experience in this field, we are able to offer you a large selection of pre-owned machines. Every used machine is in good condition and fully functional, thanks to the professional care and examination by our technicians. If you are interested in our used gear cutting machines or if you would like to buy other machines, please contact us. We gladly provide you with advice and support.

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