Accessories: dividers, tool holders and more

Discover our range of accessories matching our used machines. Here you will find, for example, tool holders, chucks and dividers. For more detailed technical data and photos of the accessories, please click on “more information”.

Cutters for optimum workpiece processing

Dividing heads are used in machining production to turn workpieces into exact angular dimensions and fix them in place. These are special vices that allow machining operations such as drilling patterns or multiple grooves on a shaft. The dividing heads are also used for the production of regular profiles such as spline shaft profiles and gear teeth. We offer dividing heads with manual drive for conventional machine tools or with electric motor drive for the CNC control of a machine.

Tool holders for quick tool change

Tool holders enable rapid tool changing with high accuracy. Whereas steep and morse tapers were in the past used for rotating tools, nowadays hollow shank taper holders are being used more and more. All pick-up systems have an adapter for the other systems. Particularly in the case of mixed machinery, this makes it possible to use tools more efficiently.

Wide selection of used machine tools

Gustav Schönberger offers a wide range of used machine tools - from CNC lathes and surface grinding machines to tube processing machines. All used machines are fully functional due to the regular examination by our experienced technicians. If you are looking for accessories for your machine or used machine tools of certified quality, please contact us. We gladly provide you with advice and support.