Second-hand press brakes from machine trade experts

This group of machines includes both conventional and CNC controlled press brakes. Each press brake is pre-owned, fully functional and directly available. Flat sheet metal workpieces are pressed into the desired shape using press brakes.

Background knowledge: press brakes

A press brake consists of a bending punch and die. The flat sheet metal parts are produced by bending. The flat sheet metal part is then placed on the die, whereupon a punch presses the part into the die. Depending on the bending angle, different profiles can be produced, and several countersinks are possible without repositioning.

Decades of experience in machine trading

With over 60 years of experience in machine trade with a focus on second-hand machines, we know what matters when it comes to buying and selling. On the one hand, competent technicians guarantee high quality through regular inspections. On the other hand, we can offer a wide range of machines through our international machine trade network. On more than 4000 m² of storage space we present about 200 well-maintained machine tools, which are directly available and can also be delivered at short notice. Below you will find our range of press brakes. Click on "more information" for further technical details. In addition to press brakes, we offer a wide range of used CNC lathes, conventional milling machines, cylindrical grinding machines and many other machine tools. If you are interested in a high-quality second-hand machine, please contact us.