Surface Grinding Machine Blohm Redline S36

grinding lenght 600mm, grinding width 300mm
easyTouch control, electro magnet plate
coolant device with paper filtering, exhaustion device
dressing device, 2 flanges

Technical information

Year of manufacture 2008  
grinding lenght 600 mm
grinding width 300 mm
electro magnet plate size 600×300 mm
table travel X-stroke 700 mm
Y-stroke vertical 450 mm
Z-stroke cross 280 mm
table speed X 30-30000 mm/min
Y 4-3750 mm/min
Z 4-4000 mm/min
max. grinding wheel dimension 300x50x76,2 mm
drive capacity spindle 4,7 kW
weight ca. 2900 kg
Stock #: 6.1-648-22

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