CNC Lathe Mori Seiki NZ 2000 T2Y

turning diameter 200,turning length 810
Fanuc MSX-701 Mapps III,gantry loader LG05,Y-Axis
2 turret,sub spindel,2 C-axis

Technical information

Year of manufacture 2008  
max. rotary diameter over bed 800 mm
max. rotary diameter over sledge 800 mm
max. turning diameter 200 mm
max. turning lenght 810 mm
travel X-axis 210 mm
travel Z-axis 810 mm
travel Y-axis +65 -45 mm
travel X2-axis 210 mm
travel Z2-axis 810 mm
spindle speed 5000 1/min
speed of driven tools 6000 1/min
power capacity of spindle 25/22 KW
power capacity of driven tools 7,5/5,5 KW
weight 8500 kg
Stock #: 3.2-790

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